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A VR World Spawning Prints

Creatures of Though

Creatures of the Thought was conceived and created as part of the VR Art Camp Residency Program run by Judit Naval.  Many thanks to Judit for running such an increible program and teaching me everything I know.  Creatures of though can be experienced in a web browser or VR headset, walk through videos, and still images transformed into prints.  Visit the world here.  

Cat abstract painting logo

Creatures in Space

Each creature in this world is a planet like orbe with a thought to contemplate.  Zoom in and out of the larger orbe containing them all and stay as long as you like!  Visit the world here.  



Creatures of Thought can be installed anywhere with Wifi connection and viewed on any VR headset.  The piece also can be projected to create an hybrid installation experience. Prints and paintings based in the world are for sale, please contact for inquires.

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